Have you lost a cat?

If your cat is missing:

1 Phone us on 07837 342646 (and leave a message), contact us by e-mail or on  Facebook.

2 Phone the vets in the area

3 Phone the SSPCA (03000 999 999)

4 Ask neighbours to check garages/sheds

5 Put posters up in local shop

6 Go to our Moray Branch website Lost & Found page, and register the cat on the Animal Search UK website.


If the cat is unneutered, it is likely the cat will probably be out mating. 

If it is a female, she will be being hounded by unneutered males.

If it is a male, he will be fighting with other males

Regardless of sex, it will be exposed to infectious diseases (FiV & FeLV), will be getting cat bites and be in danger of being hit by a car.

When the cat comes home, keep it in and book it into the vets to get neutered.

If it is an indoor cat that has got out by mistake, put something outside with a familiar smell on it, the cat’s bed or blanket, the litter tray (if it’s not raining).  We even recommend that you hoover your house and put the contents of the hoover on some plastic in the garden.  It will help the cat find its way home.

If it is not microchipped, we recommend that people get their cats microchipped for 2 reasons.

It is the first thing that we, vets and the SSPCA do – look for a microchip on any cat that gets handed in. 

Secondly, we often rehome cats that we can clearly tell have been someone’s pet but because they are not chipped, we rehome them.  The owner will be missing them and worrying but the cat will be in a new home and be happy.